Taste Your Medicine

by Pink Hawks

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released October 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Pink Hawks Denver, Colorado

Pink Hawks are comprised of ample world musicianship garnering comparison to sonic innovators such as Fela Kuti’s Afro-beat, Mulatu Astatke’s Ethiopiques Jazz, "Sun Ra's melodically off-the-rails piano playing, and the languid, sonically adventurous atmospheres of Yo La Tengo" (Tom Murphy, Westword). Put on your dancing pants, and join Pink Hawks as they set the floor on fire. ... more


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Track Name: Taste Your Medicine
Taste Your Medicine

[Verse 1]
Lets get down to the city
oh man you’re lookin pretty
and I aint even messin around oh no.
I don’t know where were going
but Im sure that we’ll be flowin
when I’m giving it up to you, uh-huh.

Gimme a taste of your medicine
and shorty Ill give you
Ill give you a taste of mine
and well be getting down, yeah we’ll be moving around
we will get down like it’s the end of time.

When we get down to this sound
our bodies are quite profound
like the moving of the sea, hee-hee.
Lets all learn how to do it
how to electrify this unit
take my hand lemme show you the way.

So we’re gonna go left to right, side to side,
clap your hands three times.
Jiggle your body, spin around,
the dance floor is all abound.
It is exciting. Every heart is climbing,
every hand is shaking, stomping pounding on the ground.


Get up and dance.
How about you take a chance?
Put on your dancing pants.
Clap and wave and shake your hands.

Get up and dance. Snap your fingers.
Let the music drive you wild.
Party like you’re still a child.
Don’t stop dancing until you drop
Take your dancing to the top.
Track Name: Kuku

[Hip Hop verse]
It’s a world of confusion, cuz we consumin’ bad dreams through the food that we tubin’.
From all across the North American Union, yeah them belly full and mine is too.
But whatcha wanna do, tell me what you gonna do when the big trucks stop comin’,
The gas stop pumpin, the sheep start runnin’…reckless, gettin’ free and killin’ shepards?
And now there’s nothin’ in the fridge for breakfast. Ah shhhh, this life is hectic.
You take a whole week a pay to the pharmacy for a fallacy so they can profit B.
Fill chemically, with ill energy like dependency that ain’t healthy G.
You want medicine, plants be the best of friends,
meet me at the Grow House, gotta some things to learn from them.

[Hip Hop Chorus]
Eat, write, meditate, grow your own food.
Body, mind, spirit, land, water, sun, moon.

[Susu Call]
Ah Rey, ku em bo jaman oo wey (Without community, nothing is possible)

[Susu Response]
Aaaaaaah Ku em bo jaman oo eh (Yeah, without community, nothing is possible)

[Susu Call 2]
Woe nee bah tah (x4) (When we are in a group…)

[Susu Response 2]
Eh eh eh eh ally mommy yo (…we need a good leader)

Call: Bande, bande, bande. Bande fah nee nah da (Food food food for all]
Response: Ee-nu-ah-lee, ee-fang nu ah lee (Thank you and you’re welcome)

Call: I know my culture be polluted with plenty
Response: so why cant we even feed our own?
Call: I roam through these allies liberating what we don’t eat
Response: cuz food is a basic necessity.
The Kuku ngoma celenbrates the peace (Ngoma = music/dance…the two concepts are not separate)
Response: of food for the entire village you see.
Call: And no one gets left out of a community
Response: everyone gets a slice of the cheese.
Call: Wontanara (x4) (Wontanara = we are all connected like a family)
Response: take it from me we've got ppl to feed.
Call: Wontanara (x4)
Response: we are all connected like a family.